What is Pay Per Call Marketing?

You may be wondering what the heck pay per call marketing is. The concept behind this type of advertising is simple: you advertise on television and the company you’re advertising with pays for every call generated. It’s a performance model, meaning that you agree to pay the advertiser a certain amount each time a call is generated. Then you collect that money, and repeat the process. The end result is that you have a lucrative business model.

Pay per call is a highly effective method of advertising because it can generate quality leads quickly without requiring a large upfront investment. Its high-conversion leads are highly relevant to your business, and you can choose the duration of your call based on the situation. And because the advertising campaign is customized and places your ads where your customers are most likely to see them, you’ll be able to target the right audience. There are a number of other marketing methods that can’t produce such quality leads.

The most common and effective method is the use of dynamic or unique source tracking numbers. These phone numbers are created especially for the advertising business. They help to produce clear tracking reports. The same method works for websites as well, where a unique code is attached to the website and tracked for each call. The number can then be used to track keyword searches to see how many people found your website through it. With the right campaign, you can generate quality leads every time.

One of the most important aspects of this form of advertising is its high level of interactivity. This type of advertising allows you to contact your target audience on the phone, and it’s a proven way to increase conversion rates. The pay per call advertising method is a natural evolution from conventional pay-per-click, and many businesses are now adopting this form of advertising. A recent advancement in the telephone technology has made this form of advertising so effective.

The basics of pay per call marketing are simple. In this form of marketing, a company pays a fee for every call that a prospective customer makes to their business. With a high return on investment, pay-per-call advertising is an excellent option for companies with a small budget. It is highly profitable and offers numerous opportunities to companies who know how to best use it. Its success is proven, and many businesses have become rich by utilizing pay-per-call marketing.

Using a pay-per-call marketing program, you can track calls using several marketing tactics. For instance, if your website advertises a non-branded auto insurance policy, you can use Invoca’s ‘rules’ to automatically route the call to the appropriate auto insurance advertiser. Invoca also tracks calls to their respective campaign, keyword, and publisher. By tracking calls, advertisers can prove that their marketing efforts are effective.

Phillip Gordon

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